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Born in Manizales, Colombia, famous for the region of coffee, but also for music. 

He started his career as a musician when he was only 15 years old. 

While he was teaching music, mainly playing guitar and bass, he also started his career as a professional guitarist in many different kinds of rock and funk bands, and the orchestra. 

With his bands and the career with the orchestra he travelled around the Europe, in particular touring France and Italy. He picked up some of their local music and he became keen on the world music. 

In 2014 he moved to Brisbane, Australia, while studying the graphic design and 3D animation he began to play jazz inspired music, and he was drawn to Gypsy Jazz, in earnest. 

Being also in Brisbane, where the music culture is the fullest, helped him to master his skills for the genre of music. 

In 2016 he relocated to Tokyo, Japan. He has been playing in many different music scenes with his knowledges and expertises since.

In 2020 he formed Latin fusion band "Goza" with Moises Zamora, a flutist and a vocal, and re-formed his gypsy jazz inspired project, SB project.

He currently co-founded the classic-rock band "Kashmir" and the latin fusion band "Kilombo", led by Jorge Díasz Rodríguez, and also takes parts as a guitarist, a bassist and a producer.

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